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The architecture and spaces of our city are a fundamental reflection of our society and culture. The buildings we design and build today, and those from the past that we protect, will play a significant role in how our city and our society evolve in the future.

The urban fabric of our community has such a strong impact on us on an everyday basis, but we never learn in school about how it is created, planned and managed. Direct experience offers the most immediate and accessible way of learning about buildings and spaces, and this remains at the heart of Open House London’s purpose. Engaging directly with and being present in the space in question offers a more complete picture of a building’s reality than photos, illustrations and descriptions could ever provide.

'Design Highlights' enables Open House London to reflect on current issues and engage with issues that directly effect our built environment. in 2013, this included:

Our buildings, our neighbourhoods, our city

Design for living

A special showcase of the vital role of civil engineers in building, maintaining and transforming the capital's infrastructure and built environment, in partnership with The Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE).

A showcase of nearly fifty projects with landscape at their heart, in partnership with the Landscape Institute, the professional body for landscape architects.

Bringing a new emphasis to London's various new developments, at planning stage or in early construction

Sustainable living

Highlighted buildings

In 2014, Open House London will once again present these programme themes and details will follow in due course.


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